Poem – “Fixing what Cannot be Broken” – Romanticism – 1/10/2021

No words
Poison the mouth
Of a newborn,
For you are as one fallen leaf
Side by the petals,
Laid against the moss,
Radiant upon the gleam
From the ever-glowing stars.

I am in your heart,
Dearest sickness
That breaks the faint whisper in me,
The shaking
That will not quit.

Just a leak from your eyes
Manages me,
As just a simple word
Ripped from your lips
Defines me.

You cry for the world,
As your words fall as rocks
From a bruised mouth.
Love is to the bones
That injure you,
A wish that wraps you
In sheets yet to be torn,

But I shall hold you close
In a time
For you to be born.

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