Philosophy – “Why Beauty and Image are not the same” – 1/13/2021

“The attraction to what is seen to be vulnerable, to the image of what is displayed as both alien and new to the world, cannot be the same for what is also understood as familiar.”

– Modern Romanticism

“Familiarity” is the concept by which a person understands someone else as like them. That is beauty. Beauty is, by its only definition, the understanding between those who share the same vulnerabilities. From the generic to the generic, it is beauty. Though, admired for the sake of it being so familiar, that it cannot become tedious. When does a mother, to the sight of her child, say that it is a tedious thing to look upon? Would she ever say the words, “My child is not appeasing me anymore, for I’ve grown bored of it, and now must have something else”?

Humanity is what is vulnerable. Therefore, beauty must be the same thing for what can easily break, and does require protection. Though, what is image, besides what must “stand out”, outside of vulnerability? How can beauty be “strong” or “bold” in such a sense, if all it really accomplishes is the creation of sheer newness in everything so alien as to never be familiar?

Strength is rarity. Therefore, strength would protect beauty. Both strength and boldness, if to protect beauty, must also understand that strength the same conceals the beautiful. Of one example, where a woman might consider herself to be “strong” and “confident”, might state this to be something “beautiful”, though is not. She is, instead, revealing image. Through this image, she conceals her own actual beauty, along with her own vulnerability.

We are familiar with what we see, or feel, and understand, during every day. Though, of image, there is the rarity that has nothing to do with this concept of “familiarity” that is shown in everyday people. Of love, where there is both heroism and strength, such a force goes to beauty for its protection. As beauty would display itself as weak, then it must be to this concept called “self-love” that simply protects what is never trusted for others to witness. That is, “self-love” merely conceals the weakness of a person, perhaps going as far as to never reveal what is stated by a person to always have been mishandled.

As well, if God is said to have created Mankind in His own “image”, then it must simply mean the same for what is referenced, here. That, beauty is the human, as love is the image. It is the image of strength, for which is rarely ever shown in a world of brokenness.

In what is familiar, a person should not simply state themselves as strong. For in doing so, they forget that they are human, just as any other. In being human, a person beholds their weakness as one, for the world to see. In being unfamiliar, all people are strong. Though, in simply being strong, there is not love extended to what that force protects, being of the beautiful and human.

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