Poem – “Where Love Draws out Infinity” – Romanticism – 1/13/2021

Heal a hurt,
And start a heart,
Fill the place where sickness stung,

Where needles pierced,
Where fates were wrung
In hands,
Cold as winter’s breath.

Feel love
Warm about
Futures so uncertain,
Of nakedness to dying awareness,

Where beauty
Can recede, to overflow
The land of its origin.

Hold her eyes
On the chart, brimming with
Memories, so strident,
Onward, to the eclipse of a heart,
To grow bold with the dark
Faces of judgement.

Hold his mind
On temptation, eager and kind,
Where no importance
Is held
In hands that tremble for the next
Stake to pierce in a form.

Love grows berries
For lips that carry
Remnants to a void that lasted

Until a heart had crashed.

Spaces of thickened debris,
Marks of where eyes can see
The stillness of what should be
This everything of what we need.

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