Poem – “Your Heart Still Beats” – Romanticism – 1/22/2021

In the sky
Falls with the evening
Over my eyes.
I will never fill this cup
With the bittersweet
Remains of another day.
Your eyes,
Still the rainbow to find the gold
At the pile of fragments
To your heart.

Your heart still quakes
The echoes
Across this dying earth.
I want
What leads on
Myself, to the ruin
Where your sadness behaves
Most rationally.
You speak of the real,
As I utter words so alien.

Do the teardrops never hurt
Your hands,
As they fall?

Flaccid smoke,
Something never rises
In the quelling ash,
Save for the reflection of a pair
Of lips
With slowing breaths.

Your pain
Leaves a trace of this stain.
Why not belong
To me,
For me?

Why not finally fall
To my arms?

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