Poem – “Both a Cure and a Disease” – Romanticism – 1/25/2021

Cherish your role,
For I have acted
As both your past
And your future.

Kissing your soul
As two fallen raindrops
From decadent eyes,
Bleeding open the eternity
Of your pain.

You sigh,
As you give back
The architecture of your ruin.
My love,
Treat yourself with the grace
Of newly-created tower-tops

Where such feet
Of yours, may stand

To the frozen wasteland
My tainted hands have crafted.

See yourself beyond my vision,
My non-existent clarity.
Comprehend what loyalty
I have offered,
Though, have not retained.

Symptoms of what you
Can loosen
From the skies belonging to you,
From the Heavens in your heart,
Of songs that reverse themselves.

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