Philosophy – “To Debunk the Hook-Up Culture” – 1/28/2021

“The one expectation one should have for a relationship, is in what makes a human. To expect the average characteristics of a human, is to expect an error, and to have acceptance for that error in consideration for yourself. To ‘hook-up’ with whatever you expect, sets the trap to what you did not expect, and creates the illusion of perfection in the supposed match.”

– Modern Romanticism

Does a person state that their “match”, from whomever they “hooked up” with, must be perfect? Do we not ever compare such a person to ourselves, that they challenge our own idiocy in perhaps believing ourselves to be perfect? There are fools who believe themselves to be perfect, or perhaps just “good enough”, and they will reject every person around. This is because love shows us room for improvement. Upon our flaws, we improve through all that we did not expect to see.

Of whatever expectations we held for a certain person, pertaining to this “hook-up” culture, is always in relation to preference. A relationship is not a goal. For as a goal can be set or is foreseeable, we continuously blunder in a relationship as we must accept that as inevitable. We are meant to show our errors to what is also imperfect, not arrogantly spout ourselves as never needing the heroic aid of love. Perhaps the real reason for a failed relationship is too much in the expectation, and not so much in the sheer awe and wonderment upon what we find so new. Of what makes a match, is not for what we prefer, though of what we cannot stand of ourselves. As it has been mentioned, we enter love to improve or to repair ourselves. Perhaps the “match” lies in how both the divine aspect of love to combine with the imperfect nature of a human, must require two for the fullest realization.

To prefer is to lust, while to be kept blind is to love. As love is blind, so are most of our flaws until we enter that feeling. We realize all our faults, through the feeling of love. We should thus enter love as being the scenery for which we are blind to its detail, and never set the trap of expectation as love can never be in accordance to what we crave.

Love is not a craving. That would be same to believe it is a temporary thing. Even if a relationship is broken, it was not the love that broke, though was the trust become ruined. And, for the reason of why we hurt, is because we still love them.

Much of the “hook-up” culture relies on preference, of what to expect, and of what to desire. One previews a person’s profile on a dating website, as though they are a meal upon a menu. They look at the person’s face, as though like a preview of that meal. They look at their description as though like what the meal involves. They look at the other characteristics as though like certain included ingredients. It involves craving. It involves the most fundamental aspect of human nature, which is hunger. If love is somehow now in consideration of human fundamentalism, then how did love sink so low?

Should love not raise us? Should love not give us wings? Make us soar? Make us achieve what we thought impossible?

If love now relies on human satiation of our hunger, then it is now a miserable pot of poverty, of a simple survivalist approach, as it clings more to death over keeping a person preserved.

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