Poem – “Not Lost, but Buried” – Romanticism – 1/29/2021

Brings hands to the waves,
That I might

Discover, once more
The passageway.
The emotional absorption

Of every causeway,
Feeling my mind as though
It were my heart.

To every dimension,

Peeling tape from
What sticks to the underneath,
The waters that flow
Through riverbeds,
The comfort that never died.

Emotions buried
As tapestries, so sunken in threads
Of barest color,
Healing sickness
Of pallor, bleak,

And uneven.

I need to grasp
The reality from one
Solitary kiss,
Upon the mouth that gasps
In sameness, to desperation,
In vanishing fog
To these torments.
For beneath these waters,
Love never died.

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