Poem – “Bandaged Kisses” – Romanticism – 1/30/2021

Kill the stain,
Wet around the rain,
Born of bitterness in your eyes,
Of roses that make the tapestries

Unified, in their simple structure.

I loosen tears
To recreate the year
We both drew ourselves in the earth,
And flooded the flame

That torched our unborn words.

Your lips
Wounded upon the vowel,
Healed upon the consonant,
Desperate within the mention
Of even rhymes,
To be gathered within the utterance
Of battered chimes.

Your heart speaks symmetry
To soothe the scars that remain,
With a mind that breaks the dividing line
To cripple the past with uncertainty.

Bandaged kisses
Reuse the purpose of blood,

To spoil the outgoing flood
To the tears
Of greatest fears.

Bandages for lips
Conceal the drawings in soil,

Release the nectar
From rising stems
To the broken petal.

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