Poem – “Deafened Breaths” – Romanticism – 1/30/2021

I contain you,
I strip you
Of water, down your eyes.

You held upon life
For a new smile
To arise.

I can greet you in the coming moon,
Hold your head, in the noon
Beneath cracked ceilings.

My opening
Of famous insurrections
Upon the love we dined through,

With bread to our flesh,
As nakedness was to your death.
Hold your shield
Against your scars,
For a minute more.

I will not linger a moment more.

Lifelike altitudes,
Dreams so open and brazen.
A breast for the drinking
Of stars, through the heart.

Hurry your nine to the clouds,
That bliss might run with your lips
Fused solid
For not another kiss.

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