Poem – “How Long my Arms Stretch” – Romanticism – 2/8/2021

Touting the sea,
Swindling my heart,
Forming kisses out of stars
You will birth in a new arch
Of this love you have ached to see.

I call my tears
Backwards, to the slope
Of my belittled cheek,
For the stinging salt upon my eyes
Have slept, to have settled.

Your sadness, into mercilessness,
For you have cleaned the blood
From lips,
Tasting the thorns.

I break arms
Against the fatal winds,
Blinding these cries,
Showering your smile
With sentences, deserted.

I am in love with an oldness,
As you dress yourself in coldness,
The warm taste of a simple drop
Of sweat, that never left you,
Can crawl, from you.

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