Poem – “Bandaged Scars” – Romanticism – 2/27/2021

For what is believed
To find meaning in streams
Pushed down on pallid cheeks,
Out of contemplative stares
To the moors
Where mists will gleam a star
As the last,
Before night decays.

Sleep deprivations
From the cradling arms of one,
Made into threads,
Bare with love.
She smiled from a weeping face,
Losing symmetry in each tear,
Wasting the fateful years
Toiling in her fears.

From beneath,
Where the mist begins to lift,
As the sun begins to reveal
Its falsest warmth.
As a child
With states to each change,
I crawl,
In regression, to the infant.

I yearn
For sleep,
Where dreams can rewind,
Rather than stop.

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