Poem – “Tear Me Apart” – Romanticism – 3/2/2021

I am no longer
The man, who held you.
Merely the fable
Of another twist in the plot,
Held with no more
Wires to be straightened,
For our connection
On the spot.

A cold stone
Buried, in a heart,
Formed by words to collapse
The teeming alignment
Of mountains,
Where a fragile echo
Could pass the white
Into children’s cries,
Into innocence’s
Open mouth.

Hold me open,
Watch me, as I am broken
By the scars
Bleeding a third time,
As I
Wait, for a fourth time
For collapse to come around.

I have opened a can
Full of sorrow
And sin.
I have gluttonized myself
From the Hell
I have swallowed,
From my eyes.

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