Poem – “A Love that Leaves, to Go” – Romanticism – 3/7/2021

How is it
Of death,
Of such a bright
Winter’s delight,
Weighted across the debris
Of scattered tresses,
That anything could possibly matter?

Of fallen leaves
To the descension of snows
From arid heavens,
What builds of this rejection?
What erupts
Out of this insurrection?

Of love called to a door,
Of feet carried to be implored
That the day falls more triumphantly
Than the night,
While stars leave their trail
More faintly than the wishes of morning.

Of bleeding farewells
To isolated moons
That glow in the springtime
Of modern youth.
Walking among raven’s claws,
With feathers too barren to be soft.

Of lies,
Then the rain,
Corrosion among the tempest,
Then the pain.

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