Poem – “A Kiss to Silence you” – Romanticism – 3/12/2021

Waiting without thorns,
Holding roses to your hair,
Giving simplest sentences
For you
To be aware.

Watching as your face
Settles itself,
While the kiss
Nestles itself,
Tearing attention
From the frown,
To the keen and fruitful
Romance of a crown.

Bending night with night,
With rays from the moonlight,
Facing sideways down
Your hollowness, around,
Has made me
Present the bliss of a wilderness
Where limbs can soon shiver
Under the weight of warmth.

You’ve never known
Yourself, as you’ll be shown
The bare image of yourself
In the iron dust,
Within the crimson flash.

As night bends with night,
Ripping sickness into fright,
Leaving a kiss upon your cold form.
Leaving you to the sin of my sight.

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