Poem – “Amusement for your Shame” – Romanticism – 3/13/2021

It is of no better place
To surround yourself with
Delicate nature, in the binding
Of what shall nurture,
Shall cultivate
This beaming to your understanding
To your rejectionist self.

Love has shown you a full vessel,
While you have emptied it
Upon the floor
In disarray.
Love wept for you,
As you merely laughed
Towards the night
When lust shall hunger for you.

You weep
On your own,
To yourself.
You pretend
When you are not,
You lie
While you caress truth.

The stains around your eyes,
A mere facet for amusement.
Plain in torment,
Lawful in your continuation
To the dread,
To be spread
As a shape upon the finest dust.

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