Philosophy – “The Problem with Caring for yourself, before Others” – 3/14/2021

“The basics, of food, water, and shelter are all that should be required to ‘care for yourself’.”

– Modern Romanticism

There is a sincere fault within people’s mind, as of the current setting to this world, that to believe one should care for oneself is the only requirement for extended life. In this belief, there are no individuals with such a mentality to ever comprehend that it is what is behind, not what is in front, that encourages ourselves to move. As in, for who has died for us, for who have sacrificed themselves for us, pushes us, not pulls us, on towards the future.

Though, when certain sorts, as well, believe that the self is first, before others, a belief that relationship quality is paramount only to its “purpose” is never to understand such a concept. A concept of belonging in a relationship, whether of the romantic kind or a friendship, has little to do with purpose. All relationships, instead, hold a focus upon accident or imperfection. As in, we will reveal too little to others, out of what we reveal, in fullest extent, to ourselves. This is merely to say that we only trust ourselves, too fearful to extend beyond just that.

Are relationships ever that systematic? Do we ever accomplish such “relationship goals” through a step-by-step process, or are there always fumbles and accidents that are necessary to be expected?

Relationships cannot go as one expects. Instead, relationships should be expected only for the most unexpected to arrive.

We do not go to a department store to pick out a friend, nor a romantic partner, as that would pertain to use. As well, it would pertain to purpose, in the belief that a person within one’s own life was never by accident in their arrival. To then believe all relationships should hold purpose, or else what is the point, is to deny their definition. That is, to define all relationships is simply by the imperfections we comprehend of ourselves, to the point where we identify with another the same flawed traits. Though, even though this definition, nothing can be foreseen. Nothing ever is, because what we dislike of ourselves is never revealed, until we come upon the one who can reveal it.

Love holds more than the self, and is ever greater than what we idealize to ourselves. Idealizing another person is just as terrible, because that references what we want, versus what we do require.

While love cannot be termed as anything specific, to any relation of what we most desire, makes such a force more to do with what is beyond the simple necessity to survive. If we are killed by love, then we have lived next to it, believing in the other’s words that have necessitated us to stay with them.

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