Poem – “Pain that Rewinds” – Love Poetry – 3/21/2021

Clog the arteries,
Rewinding into dark circles
In the film reel of dissonance.
We steered a flash forward,
Leaning into
Where existence walked
Into a light.
Fading with a weighted breath,
Shielding our eyes to sunsets.

Walking ahead
With eclipse upon our shoulders,
Singing from aches
That sculpt our woes to remind
What steps can be, to rewind
The flood driving us
Onward, to be curtained
By stray leaves of dust,
Accepting throngs for the banquet
Of hollow remembrance.

Pain that rewinds,
Stinging eyes that keeps love
Awakened, though blind.

Fading into midnight,
A second upon a stolen sight
Where showers rush
From eyes that have wielded
More than a moment
Being shielded.

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