Poem – “Love above Roses” – Love Poetry – 4/6/2021

White roaming tide,
Blundering through the kiss
That wields me, as I scream
Through the awe-inspiring shame.
Of myself, to the bliss
Among this Heaven I missed
When aiming for my heart,
A dagger for the infinite scar,
As I remember you.

Our worlds grow, as seasons change
A broken reflection among the same
Idle blood that never stained
A heart, for many more
Could be used, or be adored.
A love that flows past defeat,
Worn at mercy’s call.

Weeping through the fall
Of words, to my feet.
Her graceful lips laid low
Upon the hand that conceals
A face that never reveals
Such tears that do not show.
Here, we raise
A kind moment for love’s entrance
Into bloodied, scattered moments.

We are a part of the same design
Losing structure, finding signs.

A minute lost, for an eternity gained
Gifted to heartbeats never waned.

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