Poem – “As Heaven opened Her” – Love Poetry – 4/14/2021

God triumphed
Upon the return
Of His fortune,
Radiant in embellishment,
Curious for His way
For which He may
Open her.

Treasure of boundless extravagance,
With little care in the tear
Of folds, for the earth.
God, whose sin was great
Revealed flesh,
Too stagnant in weight.
The He who leapt,
The me who wept
A rainstorm to decorate the lies
With the forty nights,
Without sunrise.

Of savagery
Bled out for me
In the oldest sort of sickness,
With no reflection in the currents
To bare witness.

Undead form
To her forgotten limbs.
A tree for the hanging of fruit
That never ripens.
This dead world of hers
Beholds the cries, in disbelief,
Under the hot waters
Of their grief.

Lovelorn in the scorn,
Idle upon the mile
She was stretched on the shore
For God’s kiss, no more.

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