Poem – “That you are Always Here” – Love Poetry – 4/28/2021

Ignorance,Not the blissWithout the kiss,Without the petalsOf sweet, grateful redAgainst the mouth of the oneWho told youTo enter. What want,What capturing decadence,What life,As what a loveThat broke through a stormTo create a vowThat would always growThe face,From the clouds. I will loveUntil the final shredOf sunlight, leaves this earth.Even then,I will love onWith your spirit… Continue reading Poem – “That you are Always Here” – Love Poetry – 4/28/2021

Poem – “While the World never Matters” – Love Poetry – 4/28/2021

Can we forget,Can we displaceOurselves from the in-between,As we burn onWith iron in our bloodstream?Our love,As eyes are upon the skies,Stealing starsFor the existence of the moon,LoyallyCoveting the dark. Holding on,With sunlight never too staleFor us to make pale,With our fingers staining the afterlifeOf our conscious desires.Your faceBeaming in the twilight,Burning of lips,Emblazoned of auras,Sunset… Continue reading Poem – “While the World never Matters” – Love Poetry – 4/28/2021

Poem – “Fulfillment in our Eyes” – Love Poetry – 4/27/2021

How cometh the rainWhen all falls down in pain,When the rapids swarm knees,During the wash of old tears?Blood runs,Though nothing bleeds,Hearts hurt,While everything kneelsAmong this blackish terrain. Within our eyes,Where storms are our companions,Love reigns,As the heart rains.A great mixtureOf grief and disbelief,A potencyOf sorrow and the denialThat we are here. Give me rain,As you… Continue reading Poem – “Fulfillment in our Eyes” – Love Poetry – 4/27/2021

Poem – “Your Unrotting Lips” – Grief Poetry – 4/25/2021

Bent beneathThe sadness that descends me,From altars, of disbelief.She rains,Still wets the earth of my heartWith her song.Her life,With the breath taken awayFrom the face,Yet not the lips. Beauty keeps itself, thereWithout so much as a stare.Her eyes,Closed, with the peaceAgainst my grief,Though wielding the same calmAs when we kissed,Within ungracious life. A casket,A lifeNestled… Continue reading Poem – “Your Unrotting Lips” – Grief Poetry – 4/25/2021

Poem – “Love of no Fairytale” – Love Poetry – 4/25/2021

Drifting into the eons,Drafted as the sketchUpon the clouds,While you look upTo see the raindrops fallingFrom their hollow birthOf empty heavens. In arms,We hold the other,Believing sadness can burn itselfIn the wind,Loving still with miles between us,Shattering ourselvesIn porcelain reflections,Leaving ourselvesUpon empty highways. Onwards, with tremorTo the ends of our fingers.As if candleflame could light… Continue reading Poem – “Love of no Fairytale” – Love Poetry – 4/25/2021

Poem – “The Direction Love will go” – Love Poetry – 4/21/2021

Bleeding on towardsThe feathery horizon,Holding a note in yearning hands,Curling toes against damp sands.Why must the sealingOf two hearts, in distant sceneryCome reeling? Why mustWith eyes that never waitWithout the stammering heartbeat,Our voice choke upon the wind?Why must the vowsThreaten to come plummetingWith the pressure in the blood,With the faultIn the earth's tremorsAnd the ocean's… Continue reading Poem – “The Direction Love will go” – Love Poetry – 4/21/2021

Poem – “Faltering in your Entranceway” – Love Poetry – 4/21/2021

How great,For how subtleTo never lose youIn the wild rain,Within the washed-up grain,Stealing a signAll over again. A ghost in the doorwayTo look upon you,As I falterIn this place,In the afterlife. Here, the heart screamsWith the churning of ironIn my cold bloodstream.Falling apart,In the wind. A look upon your lips,A scar to where I kissedYour… Continue reading Poem – “Faltering in your Entranceway” – Love Poetry – 4/21/2021

Poem – “A Devil in Tears” – Love Poetry – 4/16/2021

His comfort,A dying collection of senses.His fire,Hidden behind his eyes.His words,Poorer than those decked in rags.Torn, though immaculate,As if Heaven met ruin. WanderingTowards Love's holiest empire,Wanting an earTo listen to what has becomeOf a man, in his fear. His sadness is a requisiteTo Justice, in its depleted definition.His tears, to fallUpon his lap,Show no puddles… Continue reading Poem – “A Devil in Tears” – Love Poetry – 4/16/2021

Poem – “Among all to Love” – Love Poetry – 4/16/2021

All to grieve,Among all to believeThat love's truest designHolds out allTo be mine,Upon the road where the windCarries both sigh and kiss. Upon the air, above the road,Carting on the blissThrough the stagnant storm,Singing onWithout being tornBy the stretch of decayBeneath these feet. Much has fallen,Much else has loweredIn its feverish collapseTo ruined petals,Rancid graveyards.… Continue reading Poem – “Among all to Love” – Love Poetry – 4/16/2021

Poem – “His Listless Sigh” – Grief Poetry – 4/14/2021

He tripsUpon the short line,Skips heartbeatsTrapped at the borderline,Holds a strawFor the familiar stingThat his chance to sow newnessWill never be brought,Shall not sing. A wilderness,One shining eclipse,A part of a moment to enterThe sun,When the moon is grown,When tears are shown.A part of a moment,Highlight upon the heart,Of love that sears. Small moment,First sighBreathing… Continue reading Poem – “His Listless Sigh” – Grief Poetry – 4/14/2021

Poem – “As Heaven opened Her” – Love Poetry – 4/14/2021

God triumphedUpon the returnOf His fortune,Radiant in embellishment,Curious for His wayFor which He mayOpen her. Treasure of boundless extravagance,With little care in the tearOf folds, for the earth.God, whose sin was greatRevealed flesh,Too stagnant in weight.The He who leapt,The me who weptA rainstorm to decorate the liesWith the forty nights,Without sunrise. PersistenceOf savageryBled out for… Continue reading Poem – “As Heaven opened Her” – Love Poetry – 4/14/2021

Poem – “Not Enough for the Eyes” – Love Poetry – 4/13/2021

Describe youIn simple ways,I cannot.EnamoredBy engrossing details - A shoreline curve to a hip,Pebbled beachTo make both eyes and breasts,Fingers, like candlesBurn garmentsTo the ashen floor. WatchfulOf subtle hints,Bared auras,Scenery to taste,Loins to wasteIn the grave intoxicationIn the entrance, of womanhood. Lifted sights,Disassembled breaths,A face that does not surrenderTo the lifetime of age. Hair that… Continue reading Poem – “Not Enough for the Eyes” – Love Poetry – 4/13/2021