Poem – “Among all to Love” – Love Poetry – 4/16/2021

All to grieve,
Among all to believe
That love’s truest design
Holds out all
To be mine,
Upon the road where the wind
Carries both sigh and kiss.

Upon the air, above the road,
Carting on the bliss
Through the stagnant storm,
Singing on
Without being torn
By the stretch of decay
Beneath these feet.

Much has fallen,
Much else has lowered
In its feverish collapse
To ruined petals,
Rancid graveyards.

More more to raise,
Among all else to leave,
While faces come together
For the greatest stir
In a desolate lifetime.

Catching grace,
Disregarding space,
Silencing words
Where need no more.

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