Poem – “Woman of Open Heart” – Love Poetry – 5/1/2021

Learn to undo
All of life’s popularities
In the obscene and crude,
In the placement
Of a kiss
Upon rotting lips.

Her pages,
Keen and stale.
Her back,
Broken of spine.
Her eyes,
Weening in sheen.
Her loss,
Fallen upon mine.

While covers blanket bodies,
As the wind curls her hair.
While life is, itself, stricken
In modest deception,
There is she who enters,
So fair.

Fallen upon empty tracks,
Blank pages,
Inkless lips
Where no kiss could come raining
To recoil the ocean.

A parting
In the hair, where love runs
In each feeble strand.
The life, to divide
In the heartfelt sickness,
Within familiar madness,
As she loses herself
In the details.

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