Poem – “Fertile Grave” – Grief Poetry – 5/2/2021

Temptation in the understanding
With hollow footsteps
Embedded in where you bled,
Wired against where you slept
Before the rise of a sun
Within crystal eyes.

Tears drink the shape
Of consolation,
Gravity has found you to shake
In the blood of the earth.
You have walked towards denial,
Bottled as a message in the sand.

Without pause,
Without cause
As a drifting curtain cries over you.
Fulfillment in the daylight
As we shed a tear to your descension
For a garden to birth itself.

You lived
Without giving shape,
While love nestled your heart
In its confounding wake.

Blood draws
What could not be written
In the veins,
Outside of stains.

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