Poem – “Without you to Live for” – Love Poetry – 5/12/2021

Came abright to
Remind ourselves of few
Droplets, we had brought down
With the idle crown.
Love led us to the picturesque,
While sunsets did stride
Faces onward, ever afterward
This grasp did slide.

Birth of wakeful stories,
With mirth to be unpleasant
For the fantastical entities
We did conjure, in serenity.

Kiss for the wake of a smile,
Did peel bark upon the awkward mile.

What wish we did speak
Upwards to the faintest stars,
Where moonlight breaks
A first morning
To the desolation
Of our eyes, drifting with yearning
In uncaring isolation.

Left to the gaze of Neptune,
Blissful once in the rain.
Dropped at once, for the stain
As our mouths mourn, in its tune.

Fatal ending to the paralyzed heart
Of no journey, worth for us to part.

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