Poem – “Love of Old Faces” – Romanticism – 5/26/2021

Hold this hope,
Drown this Heaven
To give to darkness its final reward.
We have
Faded along the path
With shadows crossing our direction,
Waiting in the sunrise,
As the sunset whips
Our turned backs.

As the fade
Along with the shade
Believes in what cannot rise,
Though with two lips pressed
To rotting skies,
As withering angels,
We can teem
Among this anchoring gleam,
With our arms as shelter.

We can wade
In the puddles of darkness
Dropped from eyes,
Alone in the forest,
Within the glade.

We kiss with everlasting birth
Towards what we can unearth,
While the world parts itself
As the ocean remains
Our most divided order.

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