Poem – “Pretend to never Care” – Romanticism – 5/28/2021

I would witness
In your eyes
The careful arrangement
Of one glistening firestorm,
Reviving the night
Into a porcelain day.

There are pots, here,
Carved to the perfection
Of your form.
Each of them wields
The same droplets you conceal
Behind a wearied glance,
Where the world faces you.

There are flowers to the vases.
As to the withering of a life,
For all that honesty can implore,
There is admittance
To defeat.

There is the lie that sheds itself
To the truth’s stem,
From where all the world was torn
Upon the earthquake meadow.

Drawn around your form,
A black smear, by the debris’ coal,
Though never
By melting eyes.

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