Poem – “The Shivering Glass” – Romanticism – 6/1/2021

Hold this rope,
Tie this knot,
Weep without knowing why
All has been brought
To this moment and occasion,
To the face holding steady
The tears bracing the fall,
Upon laps made of stone.

Shivering glass in the summer
Of a reflection that begins to wither
Towards the embrace of autumn.
I weep without looking back,
Weep without crossing tracks
Keeping this flame alive
In a heart, surely drowned.

With cruelty to every ice-cold
Droplet towards the bitter sea.

Crave sensation
From the turmoiled winds
From an open mouth
That will not close.

Harden these ways,
Decrease these days
To the senses I have suffered from
Deep in the mire of unending arms.

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