Poem – “While all Kisses were Behind” – Romanticism – 6/3/2021

Here, to fall
Amongst you,
Bleeding through open doors,
Standing there to count
All droplets you have scattered
With simple stains
Upon the white of cheeks.

While all mouths
To this rotten world
Will call its sound
From around,
Here you dishevel yourself
In the ignition to another
Contortion of fairness
To another storm.

Left behind
Upon the road of weariness,
While scars settle with sunsets
For eyes that create the lakes
With light that would leak
Through the cracks
To step over.

Raven beaks,
Curtain tails
Wander to the eclipse
For a faded stone
That rose before a sun.
While fingers caress the pages
To another simple future,
Kisses drawn against the grain
Were matted with their pain.

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