Poem – “Faded Photograph” – Romanticism – 6/7/2021

How countless the sunsets.
How bright the moon,

As we hold upright this cup
Drunk from, to our stupor
Within the intricate intertwine,
For multiple paths
To our destination.

Adjacent memory
Departed, from my left hand
To the silence that freezes our shadows
In the mist, within the fog
As the one entity
That remains to kiss
Our frozen cheeks.

How spiraling, the motions
We abandoned as ripples

In the puddles,
As the world’s own reflection
We had not noticed.

Receding memories
Gave crumbling goodbyes
In folded messages,
Written in these years,

Stained in our tears.

I watered the nighttime in my heart
With your scenery,
As you emptied the rows for what I sowed
In what you believed of me.

Embedded sorrow,
Faded photos
Printed for the fade into yesterday
That floated too far away.
With our lives turned at its back,

Blistering in repeated sunsets
On the one road to tomorrow.

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