Poem – “Nothing, besides the Love” – Love Poetry – 6/7/2021

Let nothing else
Besides the love
Comfort us with shadows,
Build up our hopes
To the universe’s expanse
Within our non-stop silence.
While the moon will attempt to eclipse
Our sun, on the night’s behalf,
We are warm in the arms
That will last,
Wrapped as curtains
In the bridging veins.

With every song
Sold from our heart,
Dying petals will hear us
Never faltering to the awakening sound,
An alarm that echoes as a hush
For tired lips,
For heavy eyelids that close for the scene
As arms remain to stain
Our forms in a trailing blaze.

We will revisit
Each sundown with the morn,
Holding our hearts to the naked shore,
Weeping with fixed gaze
Upon no other to adore.

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