Poem – “A Piece of your Symptomatic Heart” – Love Poetry – 6/15/2021

Alight your part
Of the execution.
You wield fate on the edge
Of your torn fingertips.
You sow to the ruins
Needless shade.
Walking heavy with a false smile,
You warm the storms
For greater currents.

Love did curse you
To move forward
Past the sensation of strangulation,
Life did bestow.

My dear,
Did you forget
We divided the same pathways
We connected as our hands?

Fragile reach
With broken arms,
Bleeding palms,
Erased lines upon the horizon
Where we attempted to belong.

Faltering eyes,
Engraved smile
Upon the tombstone
As eyes keep crying
For the departure of joy.

Life never left you.
It was the me who grew
Next to you
Within the same shade,
The same blackened ruins.

3 thoughts on “Poem – “A Piece of your Symptomatic Heart” – Love Poetry – 6/15/2021”

  1. Love the last stanza especially. Made me think about my own life and some of the things I’ve been going through myself. Life is always a little brighter when we have someone beside us during those really dark days. Unfortunately, we often forget who was there, taking them for granted, and sometimes don’t even stop to consider the pain they were experiencing as well. Wonderfully written…

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    1. In my experience, it has been the opposite.

      There are “loves” we have, if only to allow a person to not feel alone. These are “loves” only there to keep that person up for a brief time, as they were not true.

      With my mention of “ruins” in this work, there is never anything to lift. It is yourself that grows next to them, as they live among those ruins. However, you grow downwards, sinking to their level, falling always with them. You begin to question your acts of nobility. And, they’ll take your words as more sincere than those acts, because the latter were done only to bring them a very faint and false warmth.

      Sometimes, ruins are just ruins, since there is nothing to build from them.

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      1. I have seen both sides of this and eventually had to say goodbye to those who caused me to fall with them. There are people who lift you up and others who drag you down. But I’ve found a true love will carry me as much as I carry them. 😉

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