Poem #1,714 – “As Beautiful as No One Else” – Love Poetry – 6/21/2021

I hold the promise fast
To the burden of Mankind be cast,
In favor of loving arms,
Wakefulness in eyes.
Weeping on the journey
To discover your certainty,
While stars glisten in your glance –

Set in the west,
Risen in each direction.
In love, not to be erased
On the pathway
Your beauty becomes the safe-way –

To greatest embrace
Where you, with fingers to match
All in the sand, being traced.

I need not what wilts,
Believing in you, when rain is saved –

From its quickened fall,
Its bleeding release
Erased from mournful complexion.
You are as beautiful
As no one else is fruitful –

Shedding your colors in a glass,
Pouring for what will remain,
What will last.

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