Poem #1,715 – “Your Eyes Wet the Earth” – Love Poetry – 6/21/2021

Walk this drenched earth,
To see the green fade into rebirth
Into the blue you only knew
Weeping upon grass blades, to your worth.
You stay with the smile,
Deceiving the next lover
Walking over your shadow.

What were the skies you slew
To bleed the years gone by?
At the faintest drift of clouds, we drew
Our love in contours, our hearts renewed.

At the fragile sounds of rain
Crashing on the distant petals,
The sky began to blanket you.

Sharpest in the cut to grief,
Our love died upon the settled wreath.
A face, cold as stone, warm as summer
Had wept in its disbelief.
Sleeping in winter, growing sounder –

In the sounds for leaving life.
We fell flat upon curved shoulders,
Noticing earth for its grass stains.
We laughed, as all grew back
Into tender, mocking strife.

Kisses were shadows, in caresses heavy
For the final embrace as all is weary.
Could you trace the steps –

Waiting for the cold to pass?
I have walked within your footprints
Seeing those drift from where you kept –

Sealing your heart inside an hourglass,
Waiting for the next moon to rise.
Will you punish the sun, when it comes?

Will we sleep, fading into none?
As pills have washed our water down,
Deep in tears, drunk upon nothing won.

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