Poem #1,721 – “Beauty for a Lonely Heart” – Love Poetry – 6/26/2021

Build the waters, around
To see your reflection, in the sound.
The hills kneel in their heavy weight,
To bring you upon the mound.
Your eyes recede to the battered state
In being less than, when being more
Than all visions, to this love.

Build the vessel for our veins,
Rowing the waters past
With much to push back
On the years that never last.
Can we keep holding these stars,
Burned in our own image?
Can we keep screaming the sounds across
Burning lakes and bleeding loss?

Holding hope, distant when the rope
Tightens its knot, for the descending slope
That keeps our love wishing.
I still hold you in these arms,
Since your shadow provokes no alarm.
I still kiss the air to its scent –

Wishing this heart would envelop
What never looks back,
As a pair of eyes, run so alack.

The future seems a grave, too many
While hope sheds its twine.
This rope wraps arounds for agony
For the kissed throat that kept shining
As a thought in this mind.
Can you love without breaking bread?
Will I love without tasting blood?

Beauty warps the moon to a crescent,
That one curved blade inspires my ascent.

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