Poem #1,727 – “Allow yourself to be Drowned” – Love Poetry – 7/1/2021

Allow what waits,
Holding you in deepest prayer.
Pull your form against shoreline,
Leaving your laugh
In areas I can crash.
To kiss you before horizon-line –

Let us love as nebulas
Spread colors over the grey.
Let tears run to our hearts,
Keeping union before time parts –

At the distant view
That another era will overwhelm
With its change at the helm.
In our arms, we renew –

What blackens for a moment
That our sadness could repeat.
Allow yourself to be drowned
In tides, not of tears,
With kisses, apart from fears.
Let me forge your crown –

Out of diamond eye-droplets,
From the heart where we bathed.

Lifting oceans above your eyes,
That you might swim in Heaven –

Loving you in the sky,
Alone among clouds that cry.

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