Poem #1,735 – “Life in Me, Tomorrow” – Love Poetry – 7/14/2021

Guide me on starlight’s birth,
For the pain had not unearthed.
I hang tears on crystal shades,
Weaving symmetry past a curtain’s worth,
Pulling thunder from the clouds
To speak towards absence.

I did not cover this heart to fade
Among the depiction of our madness.
I stole God’s tears to form gems,
To adorn the better part of time
Within the places where farewells dined.

For reddened lips, waters were splashed,
For futures dark, yet everything clashed.

While velvet was radiant to your form,
Laying in earthen shell, unborn.

I yearn to unearth you,
Beneath the rain, above the dew.
I wish for the kiss coming as air
To be breathed not by missing lips.

A skull containing secrets for sleep.
To the window, the nighttime leaves wind
Entering through the darkest shapes, within.
Why does the sun rise, as I weep?

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