Poem #1,742 – “As the First Tears Fell” – Romanticism – 7/22/2021

Here fades the crown,
Here the season comes around,
Rolling through fog and history
In rolled out shades of sound.
Love held an arm out
For the merry voyage,
A promise to prolong the majesty.

Can a kiss halt the tears,
Halt their pacing upon a face?

Too fast to find the dark
Worth skipping over, upon remark –

That speech would repeat
Yesterday’s message of defeat.

It was from clouds that kneeled
Into their gray past.
It was from the skies that stole
All things to be found.
A journey that to its rush
Crashed to burn, faded at a touch.

As the first tears fell
From the Heaven’s gathered decay,
I drew with brush for sorrow’s play.
I pulled the curtain aside –

To remind this pledge
That love grows even from coffins.
A passing winter –

The evening tide,
An inborn, divided gatherer
To the petals that never hide.

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