Poem #1,749 – “A Road out of Arms” – 7/27/2021

I addressed the cloud
That faltered to collect
As to its fear,
For it was the blackest of sheep.
No heaviness in thunder loud,
While tears fled from arms
That pulled me from harms.

Journeys upon the ice,
Sleeping to whispers that entice.
With wind to the ears –

A sigh for what never steers,
While isolation kept me finding
Roads out, among futures rewinding –

To where the journey began
As a seed in the sand.

Each grain with the snow
Had fell to collect,
Waited for its collection
For the summit of its growth.

From the arms that hold,
A road journeys from areas old –

With grey to heads, same to skies
In their passage to evening.
With journeys upon winter’s mark,
Love floats, among the dark –

Among the rewind, for two ways
Either from arms or to count delays
A sun rises to melt the canvas.

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