Poem #1,752 – “All We’ve Come to Know” – Love Poetry – 8/4/2021

Call closeness about,
Wrapping shadows without
A step to keep us silent
On the path that keeps us bleeding
In our state of violent
Signals that keep crossing –

As we do, over lines.
Find the bottom to these waters,
For dancing stones in wasted times –

We knelt at the earth, together,
Leaving our floods,
Our hearts, become hardened.

To love, without breathing in,
Nor to live, while holding in.

Decorated, you are
In the memories to the shallows,
Where love decodes the universe,
Takes petals from stars –

Weeping a tune that never ends
Over the horizon, being sent –

Against tidal waves,
To hours being saved.

Heal the dark within our mouths,
As we were not meant for light.
Feel the raindrops that soar
From Heaven to our abandoned flesh.
I can kiss without
A sense of closeness about.

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