Poetry Series – “Autumn in the Sky” – 7/50 – “Catch the SunSet” – 8/12/2021

Fold your wings,
Catch the flame a moment more,
While a flicker can be adored.
You are one bird,
While left with nothing to sing
During a tortured midnight.

Stir yourself, atop boughs,
Catching the flame brought low.

You are one of a kind,
While senseless in mind.
You weave tracks –

With nowhere to place a diamond
A teardrop ever gave you.

You fly forward to the dark,
Even as the velvet sky
Rains to stain your flight.
You transfer back the burning eye
With light to ignite a heart.

If caring to allure the watchers,
A teeming surf may please –

Where you go to stay
As puddles leave your reflection,
A twisted understanding of persistence –

While you break at the crest.
Love the world, while raising high
A weight that cannot cry.

Find your life, to then rest.

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