Poem #1,760 – “Earthen Debris, Bashful Petals” – Romanticism – 9/3/2021

You awake with the forest, in tears
To repeat the wars, the countless years
Your eyes radiated with the sun,
Though drowned with sceneries shunned.
Futures discarded at trembling arms, exalted fears,
In the garden you raised
Among all warmth cast aside.

Forever to kiss the droplets
Worn as stones at my throat.
Forever to finalize the melody
Composed beneath silver crescent,
Before its eventual descent.

In solace, to be your armor,
With scorn, to be your fire –

A sentencing to your extension
Beyond the horizon where clouds meet.
We were gathered into one,
Stealing warmth from the sun.
We wrote what roses concealed –

In the memories that quilted,
Beyond startled gaze, at flesh so wilted.

With a dream that burns plainest view
For the distance to become the embrace.
With vows that hold upon tongues,
Driving weather to stilled traces
Upon the path where days renew.

Dance, and then settle your mind,
While rain falls, as you are mine.

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