Poem #1,770 – “With all Smiles to Live for” – Love Poetry – 9/10/2021

Keep pulling the noose
Wrapped around your kissed throat.
To weep with me for a second more,
Before you recede,
Before you neglect to breathe,
Wiping your smile from delicate expression.
Can you hear the birds?
They have come.

Shelter this
Stagnant kiss
Dropped within your open mouth.
I cannot revive
The heart that failed the second more
In the moment we gave to Heaven
The sadness to abhor.

We loved
At the brief minute before midnight,
When your eyes closed their curtains.

We grew above,
Always watering the earth
In the pain that we continued to tame.

Here, a rope
To suffocate the design of you.
You stood atop a mountain
To let breath be what sails the birds
To their place upon the old pillars
We used to share light,
Used to give weight.

To the ends of the earth,
To the end of my world,
To the last moment at an hour
Begged to be more,
I swallow what remains
At the pair of porcelain lips,
Deep beneath me,
Worn around me.

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