Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – 4/25 – “Here to Wait” – 10/1/2021

Here to say
The earth did not cry without you,
Here to always wait
Until the final drop from a cloud
Can bring me up.
I’ve always had my head
Raised towards the skies,
Bending angel wings,
While gravity keeps me.

Here to say
These eyes were nurtured
By your shadows.
Here to always wait
For the sun to fall,
For the moon to rise,
For a heart to call
In response to one that yearns.

Here to say
That sometimes pain can wait
To be healed.
On one morning
Where teardrops cultivate barren gardens,
Where swollen eyes
Are topped with petals for the arrangement
To a thousand more crystal nights.
On one evening
Where I can say
Love had its last moment
Upon its feverish deathbed.

Here to love
One final time,
With eyes centered towards the sun.
Here to pray
With a warm hand clasped with a cold one,
That before the latter descends,
I can rise,
Before morning ends.


  1. Have you ever recorded your voice reciting your wondrous verse? I imagine it when I read … and it’s damn good 😊


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