Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – 8/25 – “Drops from an Empty Soul” – 10/5/2021

Torn alive,
Made alive
With the external endeavors
That grow into appetite.
Sworn to the routine,
Without a hand by my side.
Withdrawn from the shadows
Created by light.

While it was love
That etched the scars,
As thorns into revealed flesh.
When it was a smile
That receded as just another wave
From the open lanes
Of an endless shoreline.

While it was life
That flooded me the pain,
Kept secreting
The same wicked stain.
When it was Hell
That sheltered more the promise,
While I could never reach Heaven.

While it was me
Who looked upon the mirror,
With nothing looking back.
While it was her
Who fought the same disbelief
That love could never overcome
The same monsters, our same minds.

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