Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – 9/25 – “Is there a Possibility?” – 10/6/2021

Is there
Some sentiment I have left,
While this heart keeps beating
Without breathing lungs?
While this life move on,
Is there a cliff I must find
To sing praises to you,
Beyond the need to find the wind
That will lift me?

While this chest rises to fall,
Same with the sun,
I can step closer to your side
Even within dividing currents,
Even among the mist
That blinds this wearied gaze.
I can crawl closer
As one infant,
To the arms, towards the harms
That your world wraps me in.

I can burn
To burn out.
I can leap
From cliff, to find you
Even in the blood-pools.

To see your eyes
Closing along with the moon,
Though not with completeness,
Not with the surety
That you will become a total blackout.

I can believe
Even in this rage, this grief
That the sun will rise,
The moon will be full
With the splendor of your captivating
Life to see,
Among endless stars.

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