Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – 16/25 – “You were All, for Nothing” – 10/9/2021

A lifetime ago
With as much, never enough time
To write the draft, differently.
Clocks stop
Only when your lips were smeared,
Only when the fire came most alive
In the salience
For twin shadows being monarchs,
Outside our tombs.

Someone died, long ago
With devotion staking his heart.
Blood rebelled,
Running against the pressure.
A lifetime ago
To rewrite the script
Said aloud, in the eclipse of a crowd.

Only when
Eyes can shut for the third time,
When glances can speak for the second-person,
Bleeding on in the same point of view
With loneliness, without stability
Keeping both props and flesh
Embracing and crashing.

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