Poem – “With the Sun still High” – Love Poetry – 10/22/2021

With words still caught
In our throats.
With gazes that stretch more
Than the shadows caught from the light,
Arms still reach
To bring you close.
Loyalty still remembers,
For what better moment can occur
When we will rise
With the roots at our feet?

While the sun is still high,
Say you will touch the remaining stars.
Say to drown the flame
That speaks ill, during the fading light.
While the curtains are still around,
Say you will not fret
While this kiss is there to remain.

With roses against our heart,
With blood at our start,
Caresses come heavy
While waters still rise
To surface us.

We are mere petals upon an ocean
Where in sorrow, we wept
To extinguish candlelight in the evenings,
Where for tomorrow, we kept
Seeing the sun as everything,
But Heaven.

Arms around, torches beneath our eyelids,
Wishing for the eternal
To have us both.

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