Poem – “Intimate Sadness” – Love Poetry – 10/28/2021

To the dark part of
A heart that never forgives
Itself, to belong upon
The light side.

To the spark that never drains
From the memories, from distant kisses.
When the wound heals,
Will I ever remember you?

Your eyes fell to ruin,
Your breath shattered with
Your lungs that took my words
To heart.

Your glance fell short,
While I scooped up the dirt
To toss upon your naked surrender.
Your face,
Your mouth,
While all sides of the white winter
Wave its immaculate flag.

Here, I reenter crystal rushes.
Here, I count the petals on these eyes
That see the rain fall.
Here, I speak through, without echoes
To return even mocking laughter.
Here, to never be there
In your arms,
Beneath, where I might be shielded
From all that harms.

I want to love.
A burning throat wishes to speak,
Crying eyes wish to see,
Kneeling form that wishes to stand.
Nothing remains
In these veins to bleed,
Upon these ruins, within this land.


  1. Beautiful as always, particularly love the imagery of the petals in eyes and the scooping of dirt to throw on “naked surrender.” Overwhelming intimacy!


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