Poem – “Intimate Sadness” – Love Poetry – 10/28/2021

To the dark part of
A heart that never forgives
Itself, to belong upon
The light side.

To the spark that never drains
From the memories, from distant kisses.
When the wound heals,
Will I ever remember you?

Your eyes fell to ruin,
Your breath shattered with
Your lungs that took my words
To heart.

Your glance fell short,
While I scooped up the dirt
To toss upon your naked surrender.
Your face,
Your mouth,
While all sides of the white winter
Wave its immaculate flag.

Here, I reenter crystal rushes.
Here, I count the petals on these eyes
That see the rain fall.
Here, I speak through, without echoes
To return even mocking laughter.
Here, to never be there
In your arms,
Beneath, where I might be shielded
From all that harms.

I want to love.
A burning throat wishes to speak,
Crying eyes wish to see,
Kneeling form that wishes to stand.
Nothing remains
In these veins to bleed,
Upon these ruins, within this land.

2 thoughts on “Poem – “Intimate Sadness” – Love Poetry – 10/28/2021”

  1. Beautiful as always, particularly love the imagery of the petals in eyes and the scooping of dirt to throw on “naked surrender.” Overwhelming intimacy!


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