Poem – “He Loves through Old Eyes” – Love Poetry – 10/31/2021

Firm whispers
For another place he loathes
To go,
While winter has remained her clothes,
While warmth is ever the
Spotlight to call her up.

He knew
Her time was up.
He knew her time
Was to go up
Towards clouds, purer in complexion,
More delusional than his hope
In Heavens, in scripture
Whispering more whispers
For desperate daylight.

To walk, to talk
More steps, more words
Near the side of the woman
He promised an eternity,
Though walked towards a cliff,
To let her go,
To one day
Allow her to float.

Tears can go on for years,
A few more
His heart quits its remembered

He will remember the years
Even after,
From before
When he held the youngest hand,
When he spotted the most fertile land
To construct his kingdom.

He glues his eyes
To immaculate clouds,
To Heaven’s delusional shroud,
Sending crystal tears
For God to take,
For his heart to make
Great diamonds of promise.

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