Poetry Series – “One to Listen for” – 17/25 – “Hope’s Hopeful Withdraw” – 11/2/2021

You were to be
Everything, upon a closed eye.

Raining the fog in the remembrance
To two shut windows,
Closing for frost’s awakening.

You slumber in the nothing
To a heart that skips
As a stone upon the old lakes.

A worried vision,
A sealed encasement, where water
Was never the entrance,
Never the grief
That wanders within puddles,
Never seeing reflection.

Listening to vibrations,
The sounds to your remaining
Place among this closed,
Solemn spectacle.

You lost life
Among the decaying petals,
With the seconds that overlap,
Within the center
Where you never venture further.

A losing wish
To bring back the hope
That brought you pain.
You bled for the smiles
That closed with the curtains
That allowed in the rain.

You said,
“There is nothing new
Among the grass,
Within the portraits,
While the Spring can renew
All other seasons that pass.”

I said,
“I will want
To hold you, for a moment more.”
Love crashes
As the waves upon the blank shoreline.
I kept craving for
Hope to keep you, a second more.
I kept holding
While you still stopped breathing
Once more
Allowing oceans to be made
From rain, through an open door.

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